On July 31st Samsung launched its amazing Music Hub service in the United States. This program, which is currently offering a 30-day free trial period along with its U.S launch, combines cloud music storage, unlimited song streaming, as well as a music store and radio player. The best part? Though song purchases come at an additional cost, the service costs just $10 a month! There is just one catch – you need a Samsung Galaxy S III phone in order to use it.

Currently, Apple sells songs on iTunes for up to $1.29 each and can copy songs on your computer into a virtual locker on distant computer servers for a charge of $25 per year. Spotify gives you on-demand access to millions of tracks for $10 a month from mobile devices, and provides a free radio service that streams songs in certain genres. However, the range of capabilities provided by Music Hub is not available elsewhere from just one provider. “We purposely are trying to blur the line, whether it’s music from radio or catalog or your music,” said Daren Tsui, chief executive of mSpot, a digital music company that Samsung acquired in May to create Music Hub. “Honestly, where it comes from is less relevant especially if it’s a single plan. What you want is a holistic music experience at the end of the day.” We could not agree more.