Alex-Pettyfer-for-VMAN-DesignSceneNet-01The incredibly handsome, Alex Pettyfer, began working as a model at age seven for the clothing line, Gap. As he got older, his mother encouraged him to take on acting. Pettyfer, young and ignorant, mentioned that he would prefer to be a race car driver. Luckily, his mother was eventually able to talk him into the performing arts. He went on to take acting classes ended up trying out for the British TV movie, “Tom Brown’s Schooldays”. To Pettyfers surprise, he received the role of Tom Brown – the main character. Not only did the show get excellent reviews, but it also helped Pettyfer realize how passionate he was about acting. His dreams of becoming a race car driver were coming to an abrupt halt.

Continuing down his path of being a male model, Alex Pettyfer began modeling for Burberry. It wasn’t long after this that he realized he wanted to be acting, too. He says that he really doesn’t care about anything but being in movies. While he does engross himself in more than just film life, he claims that he genuinely only enjoys acting.

Today, 24 year-old Alex Pettyfer has starred in some of the most memorable movies of our time. We have seen him in movies like: I am Number Four, Beastly, Magic Mike, and his latest film Endless Love. Because of these movies he has been nominated for over six awards, and has won two. In 2010, Pettyfer took home the award for “Male Star of Tomorrow” from ShoWest Awards. In 2011, he won, “Choice Movie Breakout: Male” from Teen Choice Awards for his movies, I am Number Four and Beastly. His ability to work so well with world renowned actors/actresses is the main reason he has become so successful. Pettyfer has worked alongside people like: Vanessa Hudgens, Channing Tatum, Mariah Carey, Oprah Winfrey, and Robin Williams. Now, we consider Alex Pettyfer one of them – a high-class Hollywood actor. A little more impressive than a race car driver, wouldn’t you say Alex?

Outspoken, bad-ass, and strikingly good-looking, sum up Alex Pettyfer in just a few words. He has appeared as such in countless magazines over the years, magazine’s such as: Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and People. We know what you’re thinking – why all women’s magazines? Pettyfer has mustered a substantial amount of female fans because of the roles he has played in past movies. It is almost guaranteed that whatever magazine has an issue on him will be directed towards female readers. Pettyfer is usually seen talking about his perfect woman, dating advice, and his old relationships – what a stud! When he isn’t speaking sappy and sentimental, Alex Pettyfer is strictly speaking of the love he has for his career. A romantic man who is passionate about his job… no wonder he is a ladies man!

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