jnn1qxnoeesnwqkmai5oThe always wonderful, Tom Cruise, has captivated audiences from all over the world with his sensational acting skills. We recognize Cruise from films like The Last Samurai, Risky Business and all of the Mission Impossible movies. He is an a-list actor who is known to only involve himself in films that are promising to live on as classics.

On June 6th, 2014, Tom Cruise came out with his most recent film, Edge of Tomorrow. He stars as Cage, a soldier of war, or as this movie would describe, a weapon of war. The war, however, is not ordinary for him. He soon find that dying in war is not the end, it is just the beginning. Cage begins to realize that after each time he dies fighting in war, he appears to wake up only to discover that the war hasn’t begun. With that, he must go back and fight it again. It is almost as if he is getting a second chance each time. With this sort of power he must unfold the secrets to win the war and the meaning behind his powers. Along the way he is accompanied by one other soldier who was ironically given the same ability. Her name is Rita, played by Emily Blunt. The two go on a wondrous journey together through loops of time.

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