Laverne Cox’s coveted third season on “Orange Is the New Black” isn’t the only thing that’s got her buzzing these days. Since Caitlyn Jenner’s stepping out into transgender focus, many onlookers have turned to Laverne for insight and continued inspiration.

Caitlyn Jenner’s transition into the transgender community has everybody talking, and at one point in time Laverne Cox had that same heated light on her. In this growing topic of conversation, she is a respected opinion leader, and Jenner herself has reached out to express her gratitude for all of the support during the process. On her recent appearance on the TODAY Show, she explains that for her, “it is all about loving and supporting my trans siblings.”

Her inspiration is carried all the way to the cover June edition of Entertainment Weekly, in which the magazine calls her an icon. Though she doesn’t believe she deserves that title, she’s most certainly earned it. Cox has been well known for a long time, being named 2014 Woman of the Year in Glamour magazine, she has continued to use her role as Sophia on “OITNB” to get her message out there. She has used her position in that same frenzied and growing limelight for the good, and is widely applauded for it today.

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