Emma Roberts, originally from Rhinebeck, New York, is an American actress best known for her most recent work on the televise series, American Horror Story. Roberts is the daughter of Eric Roberts as well as the niece of Julia Roberts- both Ocsar-nominated actors. In her early years of acting, Emma Roberts was believed to have paved way through Hollywood due to her already-established familial ties. However, Emma has always had a passion for acting since visiting the sets her aunt would work on and pursed her career separate from her connections.

Emma’s new projects are expected to continue her blooming success. She is fronting the new American Eagles lingerie campaign, Aerie. She also is part of the cast for televisions next huge hit, Scream Queens, which is a show about a sorority pledge gone wrong followed by a series of murders as time approaches the 20th anniversary of the debacle. Some familiar faces that will accompany Roberts are Ariana Grande, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michelle and Abigail Breslin.

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