Prada-Eyewear-Fall-Winter-2013-CameoWe have seen 34 year-old Ben Whishaw in some of the more tragic English literature remake films on television. Through studying theater at the Whitbread Community College, Whishaw discovered his proclivity for older stories told; such as Hamlet, Richard II, and Brideshead Revisited. One of his claims to fame is the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. While Whishaw has clearly marked his spot in the days of yore, he has filmed some contemporary films as well. The movie Booze Cruise was released in 2003 as and was quite the drastic change for Whishaw. He took a precarious leap into a different realm of film and surprised himself by doing rather well. Since then, we have seen him in movies like Stoned and Love Hate.

Ben Whishaw has been nominated for a number of different awards and has won several of them. His first award was presented to him in 2001 for Best Actor from his film My Brother Tom. Whishaw’s most recent award was given to him in 2013 for Leading Actor in Richard II.

Now, Whishaw is currently filming two drama movies: In the Heart of the Sea and Suffragette. Both are said to be released in 2015. In the Heart of the Sea will also include actors such as Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, and Cillian Murphy. In the film Suffragette, we will see Whishaw working with Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan, and Brendon Gleeson.

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