As the son of a prominent actor and heir of an illustrious family, Scott Eastwood dodged the lure of reality TV and has instead chosen the path of film. The 28-year-old skirted a career based off of his family’s success, and is diving into a profession borne out of his own hard work. article-2653103-1E9D270B00000578-467_634x849

While Eastwood was introduced to the limelight early thanks to his father’s legendary career, audiences have glimpsed him more on the big screen than in the tabloids. He has played minor roles in blockbuster movies such as “Gran Torino,” “Invictus,” and “Texas Chainsaw,” as well as others. More recently, he turned heads as the model of the 2014 “Hugo Boss” campaign.

However, Eastwood is about to take an enormous leap into the acting world in the following year. He has no less than five films in production, and two more in development (“Fury” and “The Longest Ride,” respectively). These films span a wide range of topics, from a WWII war-drama to a time-warped romance film. We have yet to see how these movies will be received, but it’s certain that Eastwood is plunging forward with an acting career that goes beyond his father’s legacy and his own model-good looks.