Jamie-Campbell-Bower-Hunger-TV-I-Dare-You-jamie-campbell-bower-35627147-1280-72025 year-old Jamie Campbell Bower is truly the definition of a triple threat. The actor, singer, and model has completely engrossed himself in all three of his talents. Bower has starred in several well-known movies and TV shows, he is the lead singer of his band, and he represents high-end brands of clothing.

Bower went to the Bedales School in Hampshire, where they enforced creativity and individuality. Amidst his enrollment in this school, Bower tried out for a roll in the widely-known movie, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” To his surprise, he got the roll he had tried out for. This was just the beginning of his success in acting, though. Bower went on to act in movies like RocknRolla, Winter Wartime, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part I, and all 3 of the Twilight series. He has also been seen in TV shows such as, The Prisoner and Camelot. Talk about a busy man – but Bower didn’t think so. Amongst his many talents, he feels as though keeping busy with all of them at the same time is another talent he acquires.

Jamie Campbell Bower has maintained a band even throughout all of his movie auditions. He is the lead singer of the band titled, “The Darling Buds”. This band is a cross between Acoustic and Black Metal. He is joined by his two band members, Tristan Marmont and Dan Smith. The three originated in London, England, where they would play locally for their fans. They have since branched out to other areas to spread their music.

Think Jamie is done? Think again. Jamie Campbell Bower represents the fashion industry as he is seen in Burberry Catalogs. Jamie has presented awards at British Fashion Week and has sat front row at New York Fashion Week. The wonderful thing about Jamie is that he is not only and actor and a singer, but he also dresses as such. He does a fantastic job at constituting himself in every way possible. Just by looking at him you can see that he is passionate about theater. His style screams “Hollywood”. Jamie Campbell Bower steadily rocks skinny jeans, fedoras, and trench coats just on a normal day. The fashion icon has been spotted on multiple occasions dressing almost like a that of a woman and only he could pull that off!

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