james-maslow-dancing-stars-400The handsome, 23 year-old, James Maslow, was raised in La Jolla, California. His parents encouraged him to pursue his singing career and put him into choir at just 6 years old. Naturally, James Maslow fell in love with the performing arts. He began his acting career at the age of 10, where he appeared in San Diego Opera’s show titled La Bohème. At the age of 14, Maslow then performed in the musical, Les Misérables. Switching from school to school, Maslow finally went on to graduate from the Coronado School of the Arts in 2007.

Maslow debuted his first acting gig on the hit Nickelodean series, iCarly, in 2008. Maslow continued to work with Nickelodean as he starred in the famous TV show/band named “Big Time Rush”. Being apart of this is what really helped Maslow take off with his acting and singing career. Big Time Rush went on to become one of the most popular boy bands of all time. The band/show’s ratings skyrocketed, the tours sold-out within minutes, and the fan base spread worldwide. Maslow hit it big time. He appeared in several teen magazines, such as: Glitter, Imagazine, and Seventeen. Big Time Rush came out with several albums which contained songs written by James Maslow himself. Some of these songs include: “Epic”, “Elevate”, “Love me Love me”, and “Music Sounds Better With U”. Aside from being the “hottie” of the band, he is also the most musically inclined. Maslow plays the guitar, drums, piano, sings, and writes his own music. Wow! James really does have a knack for music.

Branching off from Big Time Rush, James Maslow was seen on season 18 of ABC’s sensational TV show, Dancing With the Stars. He partnered up with the lovely Peta Murgatroyd. Not surprisingly, the couple danced their way to week 10. They were sent home with only 4 weeks left of the season. In making it that far on the show, Maslow as an individual created a fan base that blossomed. He became so much more than just a member of a successful band, he became a true Hollywood star himself. With almost 3 million followers on Twitter, Maslow’s fans are eager to see more from him.

Throughout his career he has appeared in a number of magazines. Aside from the teen magazines, Maslow is seen in OK!, M-Mag, and Fitness RX. He will appear on the cover of Men’s Health in the summer of 2014.

James Maslow has a wide range of interests and excels at each one of them. Aside from singing, acting, modeling, and playing instruments, James has another hobby: writing scripts. He claims that during his free time he enjoys getting creative and putting together scenarios on paper. James Maslow is on talent overload!! He is an extremely bright individual and that is clear through the way he presents himself in public. Interview after interview, Maslow’s wit and perspicacious personality have portrayed him as a go-getter. Great things are expected from James Maslow in the near future.

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