Anitra Mecadon is one of the most well-known designers of residential areas like restaurants, boutiques and galleries in Atlanta.  But her fame is much more widespread than the Atlanta area.  After appearing on the Animal Planet canine show Its Me or the Dog Mecadon’s likeable personality, good looks, and passion for interior design land her the DIY Network’s TV show “Mega Dens”.  The show has been extremely successful and  is now in the midst of its fourth season.

In addition, this “Rock & Roll Martha Stewart” has also been on the HGTV special “Posh Pets” where she demonstrated how to build a luxury doghouse without the cost. On her show she often stresses the importance of recycling and repurposing items especially when it comes to fixing up old furniture, which makes her a viable prospect for home decoration and home cleaning products. Prior to her television appearance Anitra lived in Pennsylvania where she work both as an interior designer and ran her own business Plum Avocado which focuses on commercial work.