Nerdy King of The O.C. Adam Brody, better known as Seth Cohen rule
the television screAdam-Brody-adam-brody-481635_1024_768en in the early 2000’s. Brody started his acting career with small roles in numerous gigs such as The Gilmore Girls and American Pie 2 before landing a seven year reoccurring role on The O.C. that turned him into a teen idol. His quirky and adorable character of Seth Cohen created a huge female fan base for Adam. Adam was ranked at #17 on Independent Online’s : “100 Sexiest Men Alive” of 2006, was voted as Coolest Guy Celeb and Coolest TV Star by Elle Magazine in 2005, and was voted #1 Sex Symbol in the 2005 issue of UK CosmoGirl. 

After The O.C. was canceled in 2007 Brody left his life in television and fully pursued a career in film. That same year he landed a role in the film In The Land of the Women alongside female stars Meg Ryan and Kristen Stewart. He continued on to appear in films such as Death in Love, Cop Out and Jennifer’s Body. 

Brody won the hearts of the public once again when king of the West Coast began dating Queen of the East Coast, Blair Waldorf more commonly known as Leighton Meester. The two just married this past February with a small private wedding.  The two starred together on the big screen in the new movie LifePartners that came out this April. Make sure to reminisce on your teenage years and check out the two acting together in the film!

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