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  • July15th

    The social network Facebook is a perfect tool for social interaction. People throw a lot of information on Facebook every single day. But searching for that one photo somebody posted a while ago or that comment someone posted underneath a status can be quite a time consuming task. The new tool ‘Graph Search’ Facebook created should wave that problem right out of the air.

    Graph Search is created to find that little piece of information that is buried within your social network. It is a sophisticated search feature that deepens the engagement of Facebook’s users and makes the social network more appealing to advertisers. The search engine was already released in January when it was still in a raw state, making improvements ever since by observation and listening to millions of testers. Tools like finding information in status updates, incorporating information from third-party apps like Yelp or Instagram is not possible through Graph Search just yet but the tool is still a work in progress and Facebook believes it is ready for a wide release. Facebook intends to have those possibilities added to the search engine by the end of this year.

    Even when the tool is not working to its fullest just yet, it will already be a huge improvement of the social network. Facebook will be an even better place to get information and connect with others. There should be no worries of breaking your privacy because the tool will only show information that you choose to be visible for others to see.

    The search engine will even be expanded with predictions. It will be suggesting movies, books, restaurants for example that a person might like based on what else they like and what their friends like. Facebook is aiming for people to like more pages so they share more information about themselves what will improve to better target advertising to people.

    Graph Search will be launched on the 15th of July.

  • July9th

    The “Digital Age,” also known as the “Information Age” is upon us. The social media phenomenon has emerged with this era, and has completely transformed the ways that people communicate, the ways that companies do business and the ways that brands are promoted. It has fostered interactivity, feedback and the development of innovative marketing methods. According to a recent study conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau, 90 percent of consumers would recommend a brand to others after interacting with the its social media pages or activity. The study narrowed in specifically on the fast-moving consumer goods brands of Heinz, Kettle and Twinings. After both a collection of over 4,500 survey responses from the brands’ social media pages over a two-month period and 800 interview responses, the study yielded impressive results. It concluded that four out of five consumers would be more inclined to purchase a brand after being exposed to its social media page and 83% of those consumers would be willing to trial the product.

    Social media can drive return on investment (ROI) by propelling a consumer stance or opinion about a particular product, by urging consumer participation and by maintaining or increasing brand loyalty. Social media marketing through channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to name a few, is a tactic that provides inimitable abilities for brand teams. It serves as a method of gaining brand awareness, generating media impressions, grabbing consumers’ attention and making products or brands memorable. It is a platform for presenting updates, fun facts, upcoming events, special deals, pictures and general information about products, to consumers. It gives companies a unique, creative flexibility to personalize their brands in a digital sense, making them “stick” in potential or existing customers’ minds.

    The aspect of interactivity makes a huge difference in brand awareness and promotion, as well. Social media channels give customers the option of having two-way conversations about brands and have proven to be efficient generators of useful feedback. Many social media channels have blogs, forums, comment sections or feedback forms. Kristin Brewe, the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Director of Marketing and Communications said, “The IAB study shows that, when trying to create deeper emotional connections with consumers, social media is an essential channel for brands. This isn’t surprising since social media is the only channel where it’s possible for brands and consumers to have meaningful two-way conversations, making the strength of connections that much stronger.” Evidently, social media has done nothing but benefit existing and emerging brands. It is expected to continue having positive effects on brand awareness, word-of-mouth advertising, loyalty and sales, and social media marketing is an approach to keep an eye on for years to come.


  • June12th

    For a limited time is granting you access to shop out of various celebrity closets. Tradesy’s “Celebrity Closets for a Cause” is an opportunity for people to buy designer clothes and accessories from the closets of tons of influential celebrities, and all proceeds will be going towards CoachArt of an LA-based non-profit that provides coaching in the arts and athletics to improve the quality of life for terminally and chronically ill children.

    Shoppers can browse through the closets of Connie Britton, Julie Bowen, Emily Deschanel, Alison Brie, Jennifer Carpenter, Tori Spelling, Whitney Cummings, Aimee Garcia, Patti Stanger, Cheryl Burke, Sasha Barrese, Gillian Vigman and many others. New items will be added and available for purchase daily. The “Celebrity Closets for a Cause”  ends June 14th  so sure to take a look at the inventory before its too late.

  • June3rd

    Nokia Music is on top of their game, promoting their new products through collaborations with a list of top artist. Former collaborations have earned them several awards and now they are expanding their roster with Cher Lloyd and Ed Sheeran!

    Nokia Music started their partnerships with artists last fall with an intimate concert from rock band, Green Day, for the release of their album, “Uno”. The campaign received MIDEM’s Best Use of Music/Partnership With an Artist in a Marketing Campaign Award, The Shorty Award’s Best Use of Social Media for Music Award and the American Business Award’s Small-budget Marketing Campaign of the Year Award. 

    The newest collaboration is with no one less then Cher Lloyd. The new campaign will revolves around an extensive social media promotion through which fans can win tickets and a meet-and-greet with Lloyd for her concerts from May 30 to June 2. Lloyd will announce the tweet-to-reveal giveaway and encourage her fans to participate by visiting the website and tweeting with hashtags #CherLloyalty #Entry to reveal the location of the specific AT&T store where the first five fans to arrive can pick up a pair of tickets to Lloyd’s show that night. The website will also feature a digital clock counting down to the next tweet-to-reveal opportunity.

    Before Cher, Nokia also promoted with singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran earlier this month. He played a private show in New York City in support of the new Nokia Lumia 928 phone. A product that lends itself with shooting concerts. Seventeen Lumia phones filmed the concert which was re-edited into a super-cut clip posted on Youtube, where fans also were equipped to send their videos of the concert.

    We will definitely be on the look out for other exciting collaborations and you should too!

  • May30th

    With the millions of mobile apps and devices available to us these days, we get to share everything with the world.  From emotions to someones current location, we just can’t wait to share our news.  Now Facebook is working on a way to make more sharing and updating available with a new music sharing app.  The social media giant has over 1.1 billion users, and is developing a new 3D visualization of music activity, and they have hired San Francisco design studio, Stamen, to do this.

    Along with Facebook, Stamen, which specializes in mapping and visualization, came up with BeatQuake.  This new app will also be a part of Facebook Stories.

    How it works: the app will visualize 3 of the top songs played on Facebook over a 90 day period. Then, the popularity of the songs will be featured in a video where each of the songs will be distinguished by a color. The colors will fall and rise as the songs increase or decrease in popularity. The video will however not feature any music, so it is up to the viewers to decide which shape of colors (which will move according to beat of the song) belongs to which song.

    As of now the idea is being pitched to artists and developers to help build apps and grow fan bases.

    Check out a few sample videos!

  • May15th

    LA based Camilla Luddington is an English actress from Berkshire. Although her filmography isn’t very vast at this point, we can definitely expect a lot out of this young damsel. The 29 year old beauty has appeared in quite a few of our favorite TV shows, in which she absolutely stood out. From a noteworthy role as Kate Middleton in the Lifetime film William and Kate, to roles in CalifornicationTrue Blood, and recurring roles on Grey’s Anatomy.

    It was  last June that the American game developers, Crystal Dynamics, confirmed Luddington as the voicee of Lara Croft in the upcoming video game Tomb Raider. Avid gamers and fans of the franchise understand how big this role is; previously played by Angelina Jolie, there is obviously great potential for Luddington. She was recently a guest on Conan (watch the interview here!) and will be attending London’s Comicon later this month to further promote the game.


    To learn more and follow Camilla, check out her twitter page.

  • May10th

    Google is ready to roll out its first set of paid YouTube channel subscriptions. Around 50 YouTube channels will be available by a subscription paywall, according to the Financial Times.

    Google is making plenty of money on YouTube videos, but they realized it’s hitting a brick wall when it comes to gaining the kind of content that people desire from other video services. The subscription would likely be an easy source of revenue for Google and their content creators.

    The YouTube spokesperson stated: “We have nothing to announce at this time, but we’re looking into creating a subscription platform that could bring even more great content to YouTube for our users to enjoy and provide our partners with another vehicle to generate revenue from their content, beyond the rental and ad-supported models we offer.”

    The subscription packages will start at $1.99 per month/ per channel.

  • April19th

    Facebook has announced two more additions to its social media empire. The first of which, Facebook Home, has been in the works for some time now. Facebook Home is a smartphone app that converts your phone into a live update of your Facebook account. This new installment will automatically bring your friends highlighted photos, links and posts to the home screen of your smart phone, and will automatically update every seven seconds while your phone is on. At first the app will only be available certain phones that run the Android operating system.  At this point, there are no reported plans for Facebook to make this available to Apple, Blackberry, or Windows devices.

    The second addition to Facebook is the ability to send personal messages to celebrities for a fee. This new program is scheduled to launch in the in December in the US, UK and 36 other countries. Facebook is still trying to determine what the optimal fee they could charge but as of now it is believed that it will be around $15 and $16 dollars. In this past January Facebook had a similar program that allowed people to message Mark Zuckerberg for 100$.

    Twitter is also widening the possibilities of their social network with a new extension for music. Twitter Music lets users discover music through artists and tweets of friends, it also provides the ability to listen to their music online (via Spotify, Radio, Youtube etc.) . The new feature is independent of Twitter as we know it. The new website is divided in five tabs; ‘Popular’ and ‘Emerging’ which fills with the most popular and upcoming artist across Twitter, and personal tabs ‘Suggested’ full of artist you might like, ‘#Nowplaying’ tweeted by people you follow and ‘Me’ where you will find the artist you follow.
    Twitter Music is now available at and as app for the iPhone in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and will expanded to Android and other countries over time.

  • April10th

    Social Media has become essential for brands but how can you make sure every employee uses it the right way? How can you stay ahead of the emerging trends of 2013? Here are five ways social content is evolving for brands in 2013:

    1. Visual Content
      With popular networks as Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest, visual content has grown to be a reliable way to capture an audience. This doesn’t mean words and narratives should be forgotten, but the visual story telling is a great way to vary.
    2. Real-Time Marketing
      Real-Time Marketing is a rare type of marketing that can add a lot to an ongoing strategic social media plan. When an event is happening a brand can actively anticipate by creatively combining the event with the brand image in their social media. With this creative way of entering the social interest of their fans, brands can really raise the bar of likeability.
    3. Which trend matters to your brand?
      Brands don’t only have to be relevant in the context of their own industry, participating in the global conversation can add up to being perceived more as a human by their fans. Because people don’t only like you because they like your product, there are more interesting elements that captures their hearts and minds -The trick here is to successfully capture the sentiment around such interests and make it relevant.
    4. Community Manager
      Social media shouldn’t be a one person or one department operation, the entire company should be working as a Community Manager. Everyone should have the ability to add content to the social media but it seems that not everybody sends from the same point of view. Technology can help a hand here. There are upcoming technologies that allows everyone to participate but leaves the social marketing team to curate and approve.
    5. Personal Algorithms
      Everybody is a curator in some way, filtering all of our social media to relevant or interesting information. Technology is responding to this conscious or unconscious happening by various tools and platforms that allows people to have personal algorithms that surface the content that is most relevant to them.
  • April4th

    It has been 7 years since the cancellation of Arrested Development after only its third season. Unfortunately the Fox network comedy received low ratings in viewership despite the very positive response among critics, ultimately leading to its termination in 2006. However, in the past couple years it has gained a large following and we are now ecstatic to confirm that Arrested Development has been resurrected, and will include its entire original cast.

    The show follows the Bluth family. A once very wealth family that is highly dysfunctional and morally questionable. It pays the most attention Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), the most levelheaded member, as he attempts clean up the mistakes of his family and keep it from falling apart. This star studded cast consists of Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Alia Shawkat, Tony Hale, David Cross, Jeffrey Tambor, and Jessica Walter. In 2003 Arrested Development won six Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe award. If that wasn’t enough it was also listed among Time magazine’s “100 Best TV Shows of All-Time in 2007, and was named the funniest show of all time by IGN in 2011.

    We are happy to hear that Netflix has picked up Arrested Development for a fourth season consisting of 15 episodes. All 15 episodes will be released simultaneously and exclusively this May 26th via Netflix’s streaming video service. It will be exciting to see the Bluth family back on screen after all these years.