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  • June1st

    rihanna-diorRihanna’s highly anticipated collaboration with Dior was exactly what fans wanted to see, as she was seen strutting her “bad gal” look in the Dior Secret Garden IV campaign. Fashion icon Rihanna, who has been known to rock Dior on the red carpet multiple times, is the perfect match for this campaign with her edgy, sleek look. In March 2015, Rihanna was announced as the first black woman for the Parisian fashion house. With that being said, this fashion partnership is one for the books since Rihanna is the first woman of color to be seen as the face of Dior.

    Rihanna showed clips of the campaign on her Instagram before it was released which led to anticipation from her fans. Also, Dior released the video campaign first, via Twitter.

    On May 18th Dior released the 4:00 minute video, where Rihanna was seen in Dior’s fierce looks as she was roaming through the Palace of Versailles in France. Rihanna is seen bringing light to the dark rooms in Versailles, while wearing Dior’s hottest looks. This video was shot only using candlelight and moonlight, according to director Stephen Klein. The candlelight and moonlight showed off the metallic pieces of the newest Esprit Dior Tokyo collection. We look forward to seeing what else Rihanna has in store with Dior.


  • July24th

    Rosamund Pike first hit our film screens as Bond girl Miranda Frost in Die Another Day (2002). Since then, the 35-year old has appeared in a variety of films including Fracture (2007), co-starring Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling and An Education (2009), co-starring Peter Sarsgaard and Carey Mulligan. She was nominated for several awards for An Education.

    Pike has stayed close to her roots with a stream of roles in British comedies such as Made In Dagenham (2010), co-starring Sally Hawkins and Bob Hoskins, Johnny English Reborn (2011) co- starring Rowan Atkinson and The World’s End (2013), co-starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

    Pike will be on our screens later this year as Amy in the highly anticipated film adaptation of the hit book Gone Girl, co-starring Ben Affleck. The book was one of the biggest literacy phenomena of 2012 and the success of the film is likely to follow.

    Watch the *Gone Girl* Trailer here


  • July22nd

    One Direction may just have found their twin band, but this time they’re
    girls! The young and beautiful British girl group known as Little Mix got their start just like the boys on the UK version of X Factor where they were crowned winners in December of 2011. Within the next 2 years after the show the spunky girls Perri, Jesy, Jade, and Leigh Anne quickly climbed the ladder of stardom.

    After being the first group to win the competition the girls signed to Simon Cowells record label Syco Records and released their “winners single” which was a cover to the song “Cannonball” by Damien Rice. Little Mix released their first debut album DNA the following year in 2012 which had no hesitation in being a hit sensation with the public. The album charted top five in 8 different countries, and surpassed previous world known girls group Spice Girls’ record of having DNA chart at a higher spot in the U.S then their debut album SPICE. The following year of 2013 got even bigger for the British girls with the release of their second album, Salute. Their single, “Move” off of the Salute album took off and was a major hit throughout major countries once again.

    The best part about these girls is that they don’t have one default sound to their music, they experiment with all different kinds of tones and unique mixes. They dip into trap, old school R&B, a-cappella harmonies, bold emotional lyrics, and fun dance beats. These girls just keep getting hotter and hotter with both their style and music. This year in 2014 Little Mix gears up for their biggest UK tour yet which will hit major cities including the 02 Arena in London. Wishing them the best of luck!

     Curious about what these girls are all about? Check out the groups social media accounts below!

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  • July9th

    Small town sixteen year old Nash Grier has captured the hearts of young girls all over the world. Grier has become a verified social media star, and even earned himself the title “King of Vine.” The North Carolina teenager began making and posting 6 second videos on the app “Vine”,when one quickly went viral in June of 2013.This one video which is now known as “They.Need.Jesus.” launched Grier right into the spotlight. His popularity in the social media world blew up over night. Nash now has the biggest following on the app with over 7.5 million followers, 2.6 million twitter followers, and 5.5 million Instagram followers.untitled-73 copy

    In September of 2013 Nash followed by other social media stars such as Cameron Dallas and Carter Reynolds signed on a with a company called MagCon which took up and coming social media and Internet sensations on tour to meet all their fans in multiple cities. He has even appeared on morning talk shows such as Good Day America and Good Day New York. From there Nash continued to get bigger until he eventually signed with a celebrity and talent management company called 26 management. He now tours the country making appearances at multiple other social media tours such as DigiFest and Wizard World.

    Nash’s next gig is starring in a future movie along side his best fried and fellow social media star Cameron Dallas. The two both signed with Dreamworks owned company AwesomenessTV with a promise for a future film for their die hard fans.

    Check out Nash in action here!

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  • July2nd

    We were first introduced to Britney Spears in 1993, with her role in The Mickey Mouse Club. The 11 year-old humbly began performing for the Disney Channel program until she decided she wanted to work on a solo album. Little did Brit know, she was slowly about to become the Queen of pop! Her debut album, Baby One More Time, was released in 1999. She wasted no time coming out with an album a year after her debut album hit stores. Album after album, the young woman received positive feedback and an astronomical amount of awards. Britney Spears won Best Female Pop Performance, twice; Best Pop Vocal Album, twice; and Favorite Pop Artist. Keep in mind, these awards were racked in within the first few years of her career as a solo artist.


    As the years went on, Britney Spears continued to released singles that hit top charts. Each album she came out with was all-the-buzz! Her concerts began to sell out in every state she performed in. She truly made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

    In 2012, 7 albums later, Britney Spears began judging on the TV show, The X-Factor. The crowd loved her humble honesty and she really kept her fans close by appearing on the show. While she was on the show she had several other projects she was working on. In 2013, Britney announced that she would be staying at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada. Upon her stay, she would have continuous shows being put on at the infamously busy hotel. She also announced that she was releasing her 8th album titled, Britney Jean. The album hit stores December 3rd, 2013. She described the album as, “the most personal album” she had ever released. With the title “Britney Jean” came a new image. She wanted to set an entirely different persona for herself. Doing away with Britney Spears, we now know her as Britney Jean.

    Now, in the year 2014, Britney Jean has hinted about new music. Rumors are running wild about new singles hitting iTunes, which will build up to her 9th album. We can expect these new singles to start releasing this summer! She will more than likely be performing her new music at Planet Hollywood during her concerts. Not only that, but we can also expect her new music to be well-liked by everyone. She is known to keep up with each years current style of music, so we do not expect anything less than impressive.

    Judging on The X-factor, performing at Planet Hollywood, and working on another album just proves that she deserves the title, “Queen of Pop.” We have much to expect from the new and improved, Britney Jean.

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  • June25th

    jnn1qxnoeesnwqkmai5oThe always wonderful, Tom Cruise, has captivated audiences from all over the world with his sensational acting skills. We recognize Cruise from films like The Last Samurai, Risky Business and all of the Mission Impossible movies. He is an a-list actor who is known to only involve himself in films that are promising to live on as classics.

    On June 6th, 2014, Tom Cruise came out with his most recent film, Edge of Tomorrow. He stars as Cage, a soldier of war, or as this movie would describe, a weapon of war. The war, however, is not ordinary for him. He soon find that dying in war is not the end, it is just the beginning. Cage begins to realize that after each time he dies fighting in war, he appears to wake up only to discover that the war hasn’t begun. With that, he must go back and fight it again. It is almost as if he is getting a second chance each time. With this sort of power he must unfold the secrets to win the war and the meaning behind his powers. Along the way he is accompanied by one other soldier who was ironically given the same ability. Her name is Rita, played by Emily Blunt. The two go on a wondrous journey together through loops of time.

    Catch a glimpse of this journey here! Or, go check out Edge of Tomorrow in theaters! For tweets about the film, go to Twitter and scroll through the latest news by hashtagging #LiveDieRepeat.