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  • July15th

    18 year old Austin Mahone got his big break into the music industry just
    like singing sensation Justin Bieber did; through  YouTube. Austin started posting videos of him singing covers on the website in June of 2010, a year later he stepped it up a notch and began making his own personal music videos. As he continued to get better, his fan base, now known as “Mahomies” continued to get bigger as well. He racked up a total of 55 million views on YouTube all together. All it usually takes to get noticed on YouTube by big recording companies is for one video to go viral. For Austin, it was a video he posted in October of 2011 of him singing a cover to Justin Bieber’s hit holiday song “Mistletoe”.

    In August of 2012 Mahone announced that he had officially been signed to Chase/Universal Republic Records. He slowly started releasing singles, his first was titled “11:11” followed by his second single “Say Somethin”. It was after these releases that he was chosen as one of the opening acts for Taylor Swifts Red Tour. 

    From there his career began to take off, and not only with just music. In November of 2012 Mahone became the new “Teen Ambassador” for Lil Waynes Trukfit Fashion Clothing Line, and even starred in commercials for McDonalds and Hot Nuts. Mahone has won numerous awards such as MTV VMA “Artist to Watch”, MTV EMA “Best Push Artist” and “Artist on the Rise”. He currently has a hot summer single out “Mmm Yeah” with PitBull. Austin, who is now also signed with Young Money Entertainment, and Cash Money Records is now gearing up to kick off his first head lining tour “MTV’s Artist To Watch Tour” which starts this February in Miami.

    Check out his hit song with Pitbull here !

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  • July2nd

    With a mix of toasty-warm vocals and some sinister underlying beats, singer-songwriter BANKS’ style is uniquely described as “dark R&B.” There’s no doubt she’s hard to pinpoint — with a crooning, old-time voice, she could be mistaken for Lana del Rey. Alternately, her dark tunes immediately draw her towards grittier genres dominated by artists like The Weeknd.


    Banks first began creating music at age 15, when she began tinkering away at a keyboard during a difficult point in life. She describes her relationship with music as an outlet for psychological release, and her lyrics often unveil heartfelt expressions of emotion.

    In tracks such as “Drowning,” Banks’ high vocals offset the gloomier synth, soaring over the darker swathes of the song. The richer, rolling vocals of “Goddess,” in contrast, boast an R&B flavor. “Brain,” in contrast, demonstrates Banks’ versatility as she collaborates with DJ Shlohmo to produce an powerful, electronic-influenced track. Most of these songs can be found on Soundcloud, although they won’t be formally released in an album until September 2014.

    Banks credits her musical ability to influences such as Fiona Apple and Lauryn Hill. However, this young talent has done plenty of influencing herself. In fact, Ellie Goulding has been overhead saying that she keeps Banks’ music on repeat. She’s also opened for The Weeknd and was one of the star performers at Coachella 2014. She may be new to the scene, but keep it coming, Banks!

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  • June19th

    26 year-old Sammy Adams grew up rapping here and there, just for fun. He enjoyed battling with peers, creating remakes of popular songs and occasionally recording music of his own. In 2009, Sammy Adams had the clever idea to remake the Asher Roth song, “I love college”, into “I hate college.” As a senior in college, attending Trinity University, he thought it was appropriate to share his thoughts about college through music. Little did he know, his thoughts on college were about to become his big break. The recognition Sammy got for his remake seemed impracticable. “I hate college” became an internet sensation and so did Sammy Adams.sammy-adams-5006266eb5ba6

    The next year was another surprising year for the young rapper. Sammy dropped his debut album onto iTunes and within a week, it hit hip-hip’s top charts! For someone so new to the business, this was a huge deal! His name spread throughout social media and record labels began to pick up on him.

    In 2013, Sammy Adams came out with his second album titled, “Homecoming.” The album received an abundance of attention. One of the songs from the album, “All Night Longer,” became a hit within the first week and wow’d fans with its music video. It essentially became Sammy’s most popular song, ever! Watch the video here!

    With 464, 130 likes on Facebook, 230k followers on Twitter, and 205k friends on Instagram, Sammy Adams has wasted no time making it to the top. After only 4 years in the public eye, he has become one of the most famous young rappers of his time. We expect to see much more from Sammy in the near future concerning concerts, albums and hit singles! Look out ladies, Sammy is here, and he is here to stay.

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