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  • July16th

    Kid Cudi is a popular hip hop and rock recording artist originally from Cleveland, Ohio. He moved to Brooklyn with his dreams in mind and on a mixtape readily awaiting its discovery. He gained major recognition in 2008 after the release of his first official mix taped named, A Kid Named Cudi. He is currently signed under Republic Records, in addition to his own label, Wicked Awesome Records, which was independently founded by the artist in 2011.

    Kid Cudi is currently up to a few projects this year already. He is soon to be co-starring on Comedy Bang! Bang! which premieres Thursday, July 7th on IFC. People who know Cudi personally say that he is a naturally funny guy- so the show is definitely a different, yet appropriate direction his career is taking him.

    But no worries, Kid Cudi will never forget his creative origins. His upcoming album Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven is still unknown as to when it will be dropped but his Twitter account leads to much discussion about his emotional journey creating his music and the importance of taking the time to do so. For more information, check out his social media channels for updates.

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  • June17th

    Taylor Swift did it again- another No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart- this time with her new single “Bad Blood” and it’s must see music video. “Bad Blood”, which features rapper Kendrick Lamar, went from No. 53 last week o
    n Billboard’s Hot 100 chart to now No. 1.

    It’s not just the catchy song people are talking about- the music video, which T-Swift herself produced, is full of Taylor’s A-list friends. The star studded cast involves Gigi Hadid, Ellie Goulding Lena Dunham, Hailee Steinfeld, Zendaya and Lily Aldridge and of course Taylor’s BFF, Karlie Kloss, just to name a few.

    Taylor released each member of the cast with their screen names for the video, which each of them got to pick, on her twitter before it premiered at the Billboard Music Awards on May 17th.


  • August14th

    The biggest and most highly anticipated event of the summer is about to take stage. Nothing tops off the end of the summer with more shock and excitement than the infamous MTV Video Music Awards. Last years award show will be hard to top after Miley Cyrus shocked audiences worldwide with the “twerk” performance along side Robin Thicke or the fulfillment of every 90’s kids dream with Timberlake’s
    performance including N’YSNC. But then again its a new year for music and fi you take all of todays hottest performers and entertainers and put them under one roof .. you’re bound to witness history in the making.

    This years music awards will be broadcasted live from ‘Fabulous Forum’ in Southern California. Expect numerous performances by artists such as Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora, Maroon 5, Usher, 5 Seconds of Summer, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande. If those performances don’t leave you impressed get ready to be blown away because this years Video Vanguard Award will be presented to none other than Queen Bey. Beyonce holds the place at the top of the period this year with a whopping 8 nominations. Quickly behind her is breakthrough artist Iggy Azelea and all time favorite rapper Eminem.

    This year has been groundbreaking for music so this years moon man will be a tough one to snag. Most of the voting categories are closed, but some will remain open until the live show so go help support your favorites, and make sure to tune in Sunday, August 28th for this years MTV Video Music Awards.



  • July22nd

    Most people know Joel McHale from his comedic performance as the host on E!’s show
    The Soup, but Joel has branched out and done so much more than what he is infamously known for. He has mastered the art of comedy as well as acting, writing, and acting out voice overs.

    He started out with comedy once he graduated college and began by joining a local comedy tv show called Almost Live!. After that he went on to be a part of an improv comedy group called Unexpected Productions. McHale earned his masters degree in acting,then took a break from comedy and went on to pursue a career with his degree. He started in small roles such in television such as CSI: Miami and Will and Grace. He then went on to take on a few roles in cinema playing characters in Lords of Dogtown and Spiderman 2.

    It wasn’t until 2004 that Joel began hosting The Soup, which was the job that made his career. Since then he appeared as a judge on Iron Chef America and The It Show, and even made a guest appearance on The Last Comic Standing. 

    McHales most recent roles have been in the NBC comedy series Community, and the 2012 comedy Ted. 10 years later and Joel is manages to still holding his place as host on The Soup. Lets face it no one can make a mockery over the reality television today like Joel can.

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  • July15th

    18 year old Austin Mahone got his big break into the music industry just
    like singing sensation Justin Bieber did; through  YouTube. Austin started posting videos of him singing covers on the website in June of 2010, a year later he stepped it up a notch and began making his own personal music videos. As he continued to get better, his fan base, now known as “Mahomies” continued to get bigger as well. He racked up a total of 55 million views on YouTube all together. All it usually takes to get noticed on YouTube by big recording companies is for one video to go viral. For Austin, it was a video he posted in October of 2011 of him singing a cover to Justin Bieber’s hit holiday song “Mistletoe”.

    In August of 2012 Mahone announced that he had officially been signed to Chase/Universal Republic Records. He slowly started releasing singles, his first was titled “11:11” followed by his second single “Say Somethin”. It was after these releases that he was chosen as one of the opening acts for Taylor Swifts Red Tour. 

    From there his career began to take off, and not only with just music. In November of 2012 Mahone became the new “Teen Ambassador” for Lil Waynes Trukfit Fashion Clothing Line, and even starred in commercials for McDonalds and Hot Nuts. Mahone has won numerous awards such as MTV VMA “Artist to Watch”, MTV EMA “Best Push Artist” and “Artist on the Rise”. He currently has a hot summer single out “Mmm Yeah” with PitBull. Austin, who is now also signed with Young Money Entertainment, and Cash Money Records is now gearing up to kick off his first head lining tour “MTV’s Artist To Watch Tour” which starts this February in Miami.

    Check out his hit song with Pitbull here !

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  • July14th

    Nerdy King of The O.C. Adam Brody, better known as Seth Cohen rule
    the television screAdam-Brody-adam-brody-481635_1024_768en in the early 2000’s. Brody started his acting career with small roles in numerous gigs such as The Gilmore Girls and American Pie 2 before landing a seven year reoccurring role on The O.C. that turned him into a teen idol. His quirky and adorable character of Seth Cohen created a huge female fan base for Adam. Adam was ranked at #17 on Independent Online’s : “100 Sexiest Men Alive” of 2006, was voted as Coolest Guy Celeb and Coolest TV Star by Elle Magazine in 2005, and was voted #1 Sex Symbol in the 2005 issue of UK CosmoGirl. 

    After The O.C. was canceled in 2007 Brody left his life in television and fully pursued a career in film. That same year he landed a role in the film In The Land of the Women alongside female stars Meg Ryan and Kristen Stewart. He continued on to appear in films such as Death in Love, Cop Out and Jennifer’s Body. 

    Brody won the hearts of the public once again when king of the West Coast began dating Queen of the East Coast, Blair Waldorf more commonly known as Leighton Meester. The two just married this past February with a small private wedding.  The two starred together on the big screen in the new movie LifePartners that came out this April. Make sure to reminisce on your teenage years and check out the two acting together in the film!

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  • June19th

    p_xedSweet and fun Moxie Raia brings a hot and edgy twist to the world of music.According to Perez Hilton she is a mix of “Miley Cyrus meets Lana del Ray”. Moxie was catapulted into the spotlight when her first debut single “Buffalo Bill” was picked up and remixed by Tiesto. Just last month she proved she was a force to be reckoned with as she killed it both singing and dancing at a premiere showcase at DBA in Los Angeles.

    Moxie Raia is one of the artists under The Brain Management Company, and quickly started collaborating and writing songs with the other talent and artists in 2012. A year later in 2013 Moxie began to slowly release her mixtape called “Reckless.Passionate.Youth” (RYP) which contained 5 songs. The mixtape was produced by other artists in The Brain Management Company and big music producers such as Benny Cassette and Kanye West. The mixtape was
    generated a lot of buzz from bloggers and Moxie has taken off ever since.

    Between her edgy look, sweet personality, and lustrous lyrics and voice Moxie is destined to be queen of the music charts.

    Check out her music video for her hit “Buffalo Bill” here!

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  • April15th


    Walmart is the largest medium in the United States for people to go and buy CD’s and they on reducing their store space for CD’s by 40%! The goal is to increase sales by only having top hit CD’s with eye catching displays. Unfortunately for up and coming artist this means less exposure for them and thats if Walmart decides to even hold their albums.

    The cutbacks are scheduled to happen sometime in May or June and are planning to reduce from 3,500 titles to an estimated 2,100! As for Walmart’s market shares, Billboard estimates recorded music at 9 percent to 10 percent. That would make them the second biggest music holder by money volume in the country. The first is of course, iTunes at 42 percent.

    Ever since Apple released the iPod and launched iTunes, there has been constant scrutiny over when CDs will become extinct? Is the decline in Walmart CD stock one more step closer to answering that question?


  • March18th

    Uniqlo, originally a Japanese company, is becoming more and more prevalent in the United States. Uniqlo now has 17 stores in the U.S. and has planned to open five new stores for the upcoming spring and fall! As a company they set the standard of how to produce great quality clothing at a more than reasonable price, ultimately enabling almost anybody to enjoy their trendy apparel.

    On March 3, 2014, Uniqlo announced that Pharrell Williams, musician and music producer, will be collaborate with the company on a new T-shirt collection. Not a shock that they would choose Mr. Williams after the year he’s had. The artists year included an Academy Award nomination for his song “Happy” and the release his new album titled “G I R L” which also came out on March 3rd.

    The line will be called “i am OTHER” and the products will include both men and women’s T-shirts and hats. The line is set to launch in mid-April and will be available in 14 different countries.


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  • December9th

    Beats Music, the latest online venture to enter the highly competitive music subscription business, announced on Wednesday that it plans to debut it’s service in January 2014. Following the remarkable success of his Beats By Dre headphone line, Dr. Dre, along with Jimmy Iovine and new Beats Music CEO Ian Rodgers have created a service tailored toward artist-recommended playlists and suggestions, unlike Spotify which recommends music based on algorithmic formulas. Former Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor, appointed Chief Creative Officer on the project, describes it as “…having your own guy when you go into the record store, who knows what you like but can also point you down some paths you wouldn’t necessarily have encountered.”

    With its 2014 launch, Beats Music joins a continually expanding and crowded marketplace that features a number of established players. Along with Beats, French-based Deezer, which has proved successful in several countries worldwide, plans to enter the US in 2014 and compete with the likes of Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio, Slacker and Muve Music. In addition, YouTube is gearing up to release its “Music Pass” subscription service in the next year.

    Aside from Reznor’s pledge to center playlists around artist recommendations, few details have emerged publicly about the service. Based on early marketing efforts however, Beats Music is showing it has the budget to go toe to toe with Spotify as the leader in subscription based streaming. In late November the company ran a full page advertisement in the New York Times to announce the soon-approaching launch, and consumers can also expect a television campaign in the coming weeks.

    Furthermore, in an attempt to spark interest pre-launch, Beats’ is urging customers to reserve their domain name with the slogan “Beats Music Is Coming. Claim Your Name.” According to Rodgers, some influencers currently have access to the site to test and offer feedback, and Beats is making adjustments based on that feedback.