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  • June2nd

    Our beloved boys from Queens, New York are at it again onscreen in the anticipated release of Entourage, the movie. Directed and written by Doug Ellin, this movie includes all previous cast members such as Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Dillon, and Jeremy Piven and is sure to be just as, if not more, entertaining as the television series it follows.Entourage

    After the HBO series, Entourage, came to a close in 2011 after eight seasons, viewers were left knowing more culminated characters.

    Main character, Vince Chase,  was last seen hop
    ping on a plane to Paris with his future wife and usual crew- minus a very relieved Ari Gold, who fought hard in the last minutes of the finale to serenade his then ex-wife back to a more promising marriage. As for for the rest of the brotherhood, E has a baby is on the way with Sloan, Drama is still Drama and Turtle has become a millionaire.

    So what are viewers to expect in the final tellings of these contaigiously aggravating, inspiring, and entertaining characters? More business, more clever remarks made by Ari Gold and a new project for Vince… as a director.

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  • June1st

    San_Andreas_posterSan Andreas was released to theaters on May 29th, 2015. Directed by Brad Peyton and starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the movie chronicles theaftermath of a massive earthquake in California. Over the weekend, San Andreas has topped the US box office, taking $53.2m and grossing over $113 million worldwide since the release date. The film started shooting on April 22nd, 2014 in Australia and ended on July 27th in San Fransisco.

    The cast, starring Dwayne Johnson, includes Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, Ion Gruffudd, & Archie Panjabi. In the film, Chief Raymond Gaines (Johnson) discovers that a shift in the San Andreas fault is starting to occur, causing a massive earthquake. His job as a rescue helicopter pilot is to save those in trouble and he is called into action once the earthquake hits the city as is demolishing buildings around them.

    San Andreas was well-liked among the audience due to its outstanding special effects, earth shattering destruction, and star studded cast, but the expert critics believe that the plot was less than structurally sound. The critics explained that although the film was action packed and exciting, there was less attention to how the film was written. According to, the film scored a 64% by the audience and a 48% by top critics.


  • January26th

    Lily James is an English actress best known for her roles as Lady Rose MacClare in the drama Downton Abbey. She began her professional acting career as Ethel Brown in the 2010 BBC production of Just William. In 2012, James began to appear in Hollywood films, with roles in Wrath of the Titans and Fast Girls.

    She has been cast to star in the title role of the Disney film, Cinderella. The film’s expected release date is in March 2015. James will also star in the comedy film, Untitled John Wells Project, alongside Bradley Cooper, which will also premiere in 2015. In addition, she will have a lead role in the BBC One mini-series, War and Peace, premiering in 2015.

    James will have roles in the British films Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and Their Finest Hour And A Half, which do not have set release dates yet.

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  • December9th

    Lucy Punch is an English film, stage and television actress. She made her acting debut in 1998 in The New Adventures of Robin Hood, which was followed by a role in the BBC series Let Them Eat Cake (1999) co-starring French and Saunders. Her other TV credits include Midsomer Murders (2001), Doc Martin (2004) and My Family (2004).

    Punch’s first film role was in Ella Enchanted (2004) co-starring Anne Hathaway. She has since appeared in a variety of films such as Hot Fuzz (2007) co-starring Simon Peg and Nick Frost; St Trinian’s (2007) co-starring Colin Firth and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010) directed by Woody Allen and co-starring Antonia Banderas.

    More recently, she has created memorable moments in films such as Bad Teacher (2011) co-starring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake and The Wedding Video (2012) co-starring Robert Webb.

    In September 2014, Punch took over from Billie Piper as Paige Britain in the comedy Great Britain, a theatre production focused on the phone hacking scandal. Her upcoming film roles include Into the Woods (2014) co-starring Meryl Streep and Anna Kendrick; She’s Funny That Way (2014) co-starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson and Cake (2014), also co-starring Jennifer Aniston.

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  • December3rd

    Kaya Scodelario is a young British actress who first came to fame in the hit E4 TV series Skins (2008-10). Having had no prior acting experience, she played the role of Effy. Effy is the only character to have appeared in the first four series of the programme, starting with minimal speaking lines in the first series, to becoming the central character in the third and fourth.  Scodelario received critical acclaim and nominations for her acting skills, and reprised her role in 2013 when a whole episode was centred on Effy in the seventh and final series.

    Scodelario made her film debut in Moon (2009) which premiered at the Sundance Film festival. Moon co-starred Kevin Spacey and Sam Rockwell , received positive reviews and was nominated for a number of awards including a win at the Bafta’s. Her first leading film role was as Cathy in Wuthering Heights (2010). This also received positive reviews and Scodelario was even hailed as “a heart-wrenching revelation”. In 2012, she starred in the films Now is Good, co-starring Dakota Fanning and in Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes, co-starring Jessica Biel.

    This year has seen Scodelario star as the female lead in The Maze Runner co-starring Will Poulter. Her upcoming roles include The Moon and the Sun (2015) co-starring Pierce Brosnan and the reprisal of her role as Teresa Agnes in the sequel, The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

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  • December3rd

    Rising actress Ophelia Lovibond’s first film role was in the 2005 version of Oliver Twist, co-starring Ben Kingsley and directed by Roman Polanski.  Before this, she was featured in the classic British TV series Holby City and Casualty, which was an amazing start to her film career.

    Since then, she has had roles in films such as No Strings Attached (2011) co-starring Oscar-winner Natalie Portman,  Mr Popper’s Penguins (2011), co-starring Jim Carey and A Single Shot (2011), co-starring Sam Rockwell.

    2014 has been a great year for Lovibond as she has starred in the Sky Atlantic TV series Mr Sloane co-starring Nick Frost and as Kitty Winters in the Emmy-Award nominated Elementary co-starring Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller. She also featured in the box-office smash film Guardians of the Galaxy co-starring Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper. Next year sees her star in the romantic comedy Man Up co-starring Simon Pegg and the upcoming thriller Gozo.

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  • November13th

    Callum Turner has had a fantastic 2014. Between starring in Queen and Country co-starring David Thewlis and Glue, the smash-hit E4 series written by BAFTA-winner Jack Thorne, the world of film and TV are sitting up and taking notice of the young Brit.

    Turner’s previous credits include ITV’s Leaving (2012) co-starring Helen McCrory. The story of the consequences of an intimate moment shared between a 24 year-old boy and 45 year-old wife and mother was a great success and Turner’s received positive reviews for his performance. He has also had roles in The Town (2012) co-starring Martin Clunes, The Borgais (2013) and BBC One’s Ripper Street (2013).

    Turner has recently finished filming Victor Frankenstein (2015) co-starring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe. He will also be starring alongside Imogen Poots and Patrick Stewart in Green Room (2015). This month he was also named at one of BAFTA’s British Breakthroughs  in 2014.

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  • November12th

    Ella Purnell claims there is a running joke in her family that she is going to make a career out of playing the younger version of others. This may be so as the highlights of this young Brits career  so far include playing the younger version of Kiera Knightley in Never Let Me Go (2010) and more recently, the younger version of Angelia Jolie in this years’ Maleficent.

    Purnell first appeared on stage in 2008 when she beat hundreds of other girls for a role in Oliver! at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. This led to her first role in Never Let Me Go and Ways to Live Forever (2010) co-starring Emilia Fox. In 2011 she was cast as Clive Owen’s daughter in Intruders and was also named as one of Screen International’s 10 UK Stars of Tomorrow.

    2013 saw Purnell co-star alongside Chloe Grace Mortez in Kick Ass 2 and in Wildlike. Her future projects include Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2015) directed by Tim Burton and co-starring Eva Green, and Cyber Bully (2015) alongside Maisie Williams. She is will be again playing the younger version of another when she plays young Jane in the eagerly-anticipated Tarzan (2016) co-starring Margot Robbie and Christoph Waltz.

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  • November11th

    Katie Leung is a young Scottish actress best known for her role as Cho Chang in the Harry Potter series (2005-2011). After a role that gave Leung worldwide media coverage, she has since moved onto more serious and intimate roles. Her stage début was as Jung Chang in the autobiographical Wild Swans (2011) which has its world premier in Massachusetts before returning to London in 2012.

    In 2011, she announced as one of the leads in Channel 4’s acclaimed drama Run, co-starring Olivia Coleman. More recently, she has starred in BBC 1’s Father Brown (2014) co-starring Mark Williams and received rave reviews for her recent stage performance in the National Theatre’s The World Of Extreme Happiness (2013).

    Next up for Leung is a new two-part BBC drama One Child, written by the BAFTA-winning Guy Hibbert. She was announced as one of BAFTA’s 2014 breakthrough Brits, a new initiative to celebrate and support emerging new talent in the UK.

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  • November4th

    Joe Cole’s earlier credits include British TV shows such as The Bill (2010), Holby City (2010) and Come Fly With Me (2011). The twenty-five year old’s first noticeable role was Injustice (2011) co-starring James Purefoy. This led to his role in the popular TV series Skins (2012) as Luke and his first film role as Tommy in Offender (2012) co-starring Kimberley Nixon (Fresh Meat).

    Later in 2012, Cole co-starred alongside Dakota Fanning and Jeremy Irvine in Now Is Good and featured in three episodes of the Golden Globe and Bafta- nominated The Hour co-starring Dominic West and Peter Capaldi. The last couple of years have seen him feature in the popular BBC series Peaky Blinders (2013-present) co-starring Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy, and A Long Way Down (2014) co-starring Pierce Brosnan and Imogen Poots. Next for Cole is Pressure (2014) co-starring model Daisy Lowe and Green Room (2014) co-starring his former colleague Imogen Poots, and Patrick Stewart.

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