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  • July9th

    Small town sixteen year old Nash Grier has captured the hearts of young girls all over the world. Grier has become a verified social media star, and even earned himself the title “King of Vine.” The North Carolina teenager began making and posting 6 second videos on the app “Vine”,when one quickly went viral in June of 2013.This one video which is now known as “They.Need.Jesus.” launched Grier right into the spotlight. His popularity in the social media world blew up over night. Nash now has the biggest following on the app with over 7.5 million followers, 2.6 million twitter followers, and 5.5 million Instagram followers.untitled-73 copy

    In September of 2013 Nash followed by other social media stars such as Cameron Dallas and Carter Reynolds signed on a with a company called MagCon which took up and coming social media and Internet sensations on tour to meet all their fans in multiple cities. He has even appeared on morning talk shows such as Good Day America and Good Day New York. From there Nash continued to get bigger until he eventually signed with a celebrity and talent management company called 26 management. He now tours the country making appearances at multiple other social media tours such as DigiFest and Wizard World.

    Nash’s next gig is starring in a future movie along side his best fried and fellow social media star Cameron Dallas. The two both signed with Dreamworks owned company AwesomenessTV with a promise for a future film for their die hard fans.

    Check out Nash in action here!

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  • June24th

    Chiara Ferragni grew up admiring her mothers passion and creativity with fashion, and ultimately decided she wanted to follow in her footsteps. In 2009, Chiara created her first fashion blog and called it, The Blonde Salad. Little did she know, the blog was about to inspire women from all over the globe. Chiara Ferragni resides in Italy and has managed to collect fans in more than just her area.logo

    The Blonde Salad has appeared in Elle Magazines all over the world. Elle has featured Chiara’s blog in their issues in China, Taiwan, Japan, Greece and the US. The Blonde Salad has also been seen in Cosmopolitan, Vogue and many more fashion magazines. Aside from its successes with the press, The Blonde Salad has become a website of fashion inspiration for everyone who has set eyes on its content. Women feel connected with Chiara’s fashion sense. She has allowed her passion to lead the way for others, and she’s done quite an excellent job at it!

    Chiara Ferragni has made the blog easily accessible by splitting her ideas into three creative categories: Looks, Photos and Stories. The “Looks” category includes a plethora of pictures of her in outfits with a relevant caption. For example, in one photo titled, “Comfy Wins,” she struts her stuff in a parking lot wearing a loose, half-sleeve grey sweater with high wasted jeans shorts and navy blue Sperries. In another category titled, “Photos,” there are a bubble of miscellaneous items and landmarks with a hipster-like style. In this category you can expect to find things like underwear, glasses and shoes. In the last category titled, “Stories,” Chiara provides a few pictures of things she has done and attaches an excerpt describing her adventure. Of course, she is dressed appropriately for each event. Whether it be sky-diving, having tea with her mother, or hanging out on the beach, she is dressed to the “T.” What makes each category on The Blonde Salad so special is that they are all genuinely her own style. Chiara gives meaning to each ensemble and does it with creativity and class.

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  • June19th

    Do you watch shows, movies or reality TV and wish you could dress as nice as the celebrities you see? Well, now you can, thanks to Possessionista! This blog has made it possible for viewers to mimic the styles of Hollywoods finest. Not only that, but the blog also breaks down the search for you by show, character and celebrity! Possessionista is the style guide of the century!possessionista

    There are seven tabs on the homepage of Possessionista that take you directly to where you want to go. The tabs are broken down into these categories: Search Fashion By, TV Fashion, Celebrity Style, Character Style, Movie Style, Style Guide and Home Decor. Each category provides several versatile styles. For example, while searching under the “TV Fashion” tab, you are able to pick from shows like One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. Say you wanted to search deeper into a show by mimicking the style of a particular character, you would then search the tab, “Character Style.” Under this category you will find personal styles with characters like Serena Van Der Woodsen, Hanna Marin, or even Spencer Hastings!

    The wonderful thing about Possessionista is they do not discriminate genders. Men and women are able to find what they are looking for in terms of Hollywoods latest fashion trends. Not only that, but couples are encouraged to access this blog together! If a newly-wed is looking for some ideas on how to decorate their new pad, look no further! Possessionista’s “Home Decor” tab allows you to imitate the decor in certain scenes of TV shows. For example, American Horror Story has plush decor from every inch of their sets. Possessionista has given websites for you to find the chandeliers and chairs shown on AHS.

    Lately, Possessionista has shown keen interest in Andy Dorfman’s (Bachelorette) style sense. Close to every outfit Andy has worn has been on the homepage of this blog! From Andy’s necklaces, to her purses, and even her dresses, you will find it on Possessionista!

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