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  • July9th

    20 year-old Hazel Cills has seemingly been recognized for her ability to pull readers into her blogging. For such a young woman, she has had more experience writing than most people her age. Not only has she had more experience, but she has also worked with some of the internets most prestigious websites. Hazel has written blogs for Paper, Nylon, Buzzfeed, Teen Vogue, Urban Outfitters, and many more websites. At such a young age, that is an admirable amount of exposure.

    But what is it that makes Hazel Cill’s writing so intriguing? Just from reading her excerpts, it is apparent that she is extremely involved with social media and has a true interest in what is going on in todays society. Here’s the twist, though, Hazel has an old soul. She is old school through and through. With her love for old music and fashion, she is able to compare and contrast that of today’s music and fashion. Her writing is truly exceptional.

    With all of that being said, shouldn’t Hazel Cills have her own blog? – a blog that is purely formed through her interests, her beliefs, and her thoughts? Yes, she should, and she does. She calls it In her personal blog you will read everything from 80s music, to current fashion styles, to new and old art, and more. What is so compelling about her blog is the list of topics she writes about. The list will either link to another website that she blogs for, or it will lead you somewhere else on her website. The categories are always relevant to this generations most interesting news. For example, she wrote an in-depth blog about how incredible of a choreographer Sia’s new music video “Chandelier” had. Hazel posted the video and went on a rant about how technically inclined the dancer was. She was impressed with the way everything came together and she let it be known. Read what she had to say here!

    Though Hazel Cills is enthusiastically involved with todays day and age, she still holds her old soul close to heart. Every once and a while she will post some of her favorite music videos from decades ago. And get this, her fans love it! In a way, Hazel has become the voice of reason for younger generations that don’t open their minds to all types of music. Hazel also has a sharp eye for art. She knows famous painters and photographers from all over the world.

    Hazel Cills is this generations most respected blogger under the age of 25. With the knowledge this young woman carries, she draws in fans of all ages and broadens the age group of people that respect her opinions. Become one of those people by visiting her websites below!


    Official Website| Twitter | Instagram

  • July2nd

    18 year-old Tavi Gevinson has spent her growing years in Oak Park, Illinois. When people hear her name they instantly think ‘Internet celebrity.’ Tavi is, in fact, an internet celebrity. She has an entrepreneurial spirit that has led her to become one of the worlds most popular bloggers. She is currently the founder and editor-in-chief of The Style Rookie.a_2x-square

    Tavi Gevinson’s blog, The Style Rookie, has enthralled the hearts of young girls world-wide. Her posts are geared towards girls her age which, is teens. In 2008, The Style Rookie began as just a normal blog that Tavi wrote on daily. Slowly that year, her followers began to fall in love with what Tavi was posting which, in large part, are just random things she likes. The Style Rookie has grown into an empire of magazine covers, hipster photographs, poetry and interviews. As the blog grew so did Tavi’s mind. She was filled with so many creative ideas about blogging that she opened up a second blog called, “Rookie.” The blog eventually became an online magazine where Tavi could put everything she had into it. She answers questions and publicly posts her answers on the blog, she shares her opinions on a wide range of topics and she comedically criticizes celebrities. Another aspect of The Style Rookie that came about after the beginning of Rookie was a clothing line and yearbooks. Yes, you read correctly, yearbooks. Tavi sells a “Rookie” T-Shirt on her website along with yearbooks of things she has posted to her blogs that year. For her most involved fans, this is a dream come true.

    Young girls have really taken a liking to Tavi Gevinson and what goes on in her mind. They are inspired by her thoughts and look up to her as a person. The crazy thing is, she’s only 18 years old! Such a young woman capable of captivating the hearts of girls her age is remarkable. Tavi is more than an online celebrity and blogger, she is an excellent role model for this generation.

    Check out Tavi’s blogs below, and follow the blogs Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!

    The Style Rookie Website | Rookie Mag Website  | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr

  • June24th

    Chiara Ferragni grew up admiring her mothers passion and creativity with fashion, and ultimately decided she wanted to follow in her footsteps. In 2009, Chiara created her first fashion blog and called it, The Blonde Salad. Little did she know, the blog was about to inspire women from all over the globe. Chiara Ferragni resides in Italy and has managed to collect fans in more than just her area.logo

    The Blonde Salad has appeared in Elle Magazines all over the world. Elle has featured Chiara’s blog in their issues in China, Taiwan, Japan, Greece and the US. The Blonde Salad has also been seen in Cosmopolitan, Vogue and many more fashion magazines. Aside from its successes with the press, The Blonde Salad has become a website of fashion inspiration for everyone who has set eyes on its content. Women feel connected with Chiara’s fashion sense. She has allowed her passion to lead the way for others, and she’s done quite an excellent job at it!

    Chiara Ferragni has made the blog easily accessible by splitting her ideas into three creative categories: Looks, Photos and Stories. The “Looks” category includes a plethora of pictures of her in outfits with a relevant caption. For example, in one photo titled, “Comfy Wins,” she struts her stuff in a parking lot wearing a loose, half-sleeve grey sweater with high wasted jeans shorts and navy blue Sperries. In another category titled, “Photos,” there are a bubble of miscellaneous items and landmarks with a hipster-like style. In this category you can expect to find things like underwear, glasses and shoes. In the last category titled, “Stories,” Chiara provides a few pictures of things she has done and attaches an excerpt describing her adventure. Of course, she is dressed appropriately for each event. Whether it be sky-diving, having tea with her mother, or hanging out on the beach, she is dressed to the “T.” What makes each category on The Blonde Salad so special is that they are all genuinely her own style. Chiara gives meaning to each ensemble and does it with creativity and class.

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