Brand: Ikea

Agency: Mother London

Track: Living Together (As written by the Bee Gees)

Artist: An Escape Plan

What we had to say:

“Having supervised the previous IKEA spot with Masters In France it was great to get to work on the follow up ad, a rerecord of “Living Together” by The Beegees. There were very few guidelines or musical blueprints but it was vital that we work with existing recording artists who could put together a track that they would be happy to release as a single. One of the most rewarding aspects of the job was the enthusiasm shown by all the artists who worked on it, such was the appeal of the creative, we had demos done by the likes of Ian McCulloch (of Echo and The Bunnymen)Summer CampDum Dum Girls and many more.  An Escape Plan recorded their version at the scenic and historic Delapre Abbey in Northampton and following the fantatsic response to the track the band have gone on to release an EP “Living Together” to tie in with the IKEA campaign. The job was a real pleasure from start to finish and we look forward to the next one!” – Arnold Hattingh, Creative Manager