• July27th

    Miley Cyrus has been responsible for several memorable moments at MTV’s Video Music Awards.  Cyrus made her comeback in 2013 by twerking on Robin Thicke and displayed selflessness when sending a homeless man up to receive her award in 2014; Miley hoped to use her platform in a positive way and encouraged people to figure out what they could do to help the homeless on the streets of Los Angeles.  Whether she is crazy or charitable, Miley Cyrus has never failed to disappoint at the Video Music Awards.  Therefore, it only seems natural that she would make the 2015 awards show something to remember as well.  On Instagram, Cyrus announced that she will be the host for this year’s show.  In true Miley fashion, the post was creatively executed as she posed in an alien costume complete with a sandwich board that read, “MTV won’t let me preform” on one side, and the other side read, “So I’m hosting this year’s VMAS.” 

    Miley’s hosting gig comes at a time when she is popular as ever, controversial as ever, and influential as ever.  Her music, old and new, are still party anthems and her social media posts continuously challenge societal norms.  Miley has also been exceptionally vocal about her sexuality, what it means to her, and welcoming of those who wish to share their stories with her.  As gender identity and sexuality are currently at the forefront of social issues, Miley has been an inspiration and a role model for those looking to have the courage to be authentic.

    Whether you like her or you love her, she should make a very entertaining host at this year’s music awards.  Her anticipated performance as host will take place on August 30th, but, until then make sure to vote at for your favorite artists!

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  • July27th

    Emma Roberts, originally from Rhinebeck, New York, is an American actress best known for her most recent work on the televise series, American Horror Story. Roberts is the daughter of Eric Roberts as well as the niece of Julia Roberts- both Ocsar-nominated actors. In her early years of acting, Emma Roberts was believed to have paved way through Hollywood due to her already-established familial ties. However, Emma has always had a passion for acting since visiting the sets her aunt would work on and pursed her career separate from her connections.

    Emma’s new projects are expected to continue her blooming success. She is fronting the new American Eagles lingerie campaign, Aerie. She also is part of the cast for televisions next huge hit, Scream Queens, which is a show about a sorority pledge gone wrong followed by a series of murders as time approaches the 20th anniversary of the debacle. Some familiar faces that will accompany Roberts are Ariana Grande, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michelle and Abigail Breslin.

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  • July27th

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is back (again), and this time its to try and save the 31 year old franchise that is the Terminator. Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones star, plays the role of Sarah Connor. Emilia Clarke and the director, Alan Taylor, have experience working together from their time during the first two seasons of Game of Thrones. Other stars include Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, and J.K. Simmons.MV5BMjM1NTc0NzE4OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDkyNjQ1NTE@._V1_SX640_SY720_

    Terminator Genisys’ is a retcon to the series, this means it will provide an alternation of previously established facts in the Terminator community. This
    film will be a must see for any fans of Terminator series; it will provide some twists to the plot that they are already familiar with. The plot follows Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke), Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney), and their Guardian (Arnold Schwarzenegger) on their Journey to stop Skynet from installing a disruptive program onto everyone’s computer. During the mission Arnold Schwarzenegger is confronted by a T-3000 which is a younger or newer version of himself! This is by far the most anticipated fight scene of the film and movie lovers may buy the ticket just to see a flashback of Arnold when he was in his prime.

    Critics are not completely impressed with the plot because it does not stand as it’s own movie but rather relies heavily on the plots from all the previous stories. However most critics say that it will do better then the last movie the franchise put out in 2009 (Terminator Salvation). If this movie contains as many of the massive explosions and cheesy punch lines as the previous ones, I think fans will have gotten what they came for.

    Find trailers and more information below!

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  • July16th

    Once-a-year, athletes from all areas of the world gather to be recognized for their achievements on and off the field. Whether it was their spectacular play that grabbed our attention, high flying stunts that topped the highlight reel, or their long fight against cancer, these athletes are awarded for being the very best at what they do. Here is the list of the recipients for the awards.

    Caitlyn Jenner – Courage Award

    Derek Jeter – Icon Award

    Leah Still – Jimmy V. Perseverance Award

    Danielle Green – Pat Tillman Award

    Odell Beckham Jr. – Best Play

    Lauren Hill – Best Moment

    Mo’ne Davis – Best Breakthrough Athlete

    Stephen Curry – Best Male Athlete

    Ronda Rousey – Best Female Athlete

    Stephen Curry – Best NBA Player

    Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots – Best Game

    Ronda Rousey – Best Fighter

    Kevin Harvick – Best Driver

    Serena Williams – Best Female Tennis Player

    Novak Djokovic – Best Male Tennis Player

    Rob Gronkowski – Best Comeback Athlete

    Peyton Manning – Best Record-Breaking Performance

    Mississippi State Bulldogs Football – Best Upset

    LeBron James – Best Championship Performance

    Kelly Clark – Best Female Action Sports Athlete

    Lionel Messi – Best International Athlete

    Jordan Spieth – Best Male Golfer

  • July16th

    Amy Schumer is a stand-up comedian known for her sexual taboos and hit comedy central show. More recently she been gaining attention for her star role in the new movie Trainwreck, a film that Schumer also wrote. This traditional american comedy was directed by Jude Apatow and has a star lineup including Tilda Swinton, Bill Hader, Brie Larson, Colin Quin, Barkhad Abdi, Mike Birbiglia, John Glaser, Vanessa Bayer, John Cena, Ezra Miller, LeBron James, and Method Man. The film will be released to theaters nationwide on July 17th, 2015.

    Trainwreck is a traditional romantic-comedy that follows the life of Amy’s character while she doubts monogamy even after finding her “Mr Right”, which is played by Bill Hader. Bill Hader plays a doctor that who specializes in the treatment
    of professional athletes like LeBron James. Cavaliers star LeBron James and Bill Hader’s character are good buddies and James plays the role of the leadings mans surrounding board and wingman. Amy’s character is convinced that monogamy is impossible because of what her dad has told her since she was a little girl, but when she meet Aron (Bill Hader) she is conflicted by the fact that he could actually be the “one”.

    The Trainwreck premiere was held in New York city on July 14th, 2015 at Lincoln center. Critics have since raved about the film saying that Amy Schumer’s performance was authentic and true to her voice. Saying the film was continuously amusing but rarely had any laugh out loud moments.

    This new film look to be well on its way to being a hit in the box office and a fan favorite. Some might even say that this will be the break out film for Amy Schumer’s career!

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  • July16th

    Kid Cudi is a popular hip hop and rock recording artist originally from Cleveland, Ohio. He moved to Brooklyn with his dreams in mind and on a mixtape readily awaiting its discovery. He gained major recognition in 2008 after the release of his first official mix taped named, A Kid Named Cudi. He is currently signed under Republic Records, in addition to his own label, Wicked Awesome Records, which was independently founded by the artist in 2011.

    Kid Cudi is currently up to a few projects this year already. He is soon to be co-starring on Comedy Bang! Bang! which premieres Thursday, July 7th on IFC. People who know Cudi personally say that he is a naturally funny guy- so the show is definitely a different, yet appropriate direction his career is taking him.

    But no worries, Kid Cudi will never forget his creative origins. His upcoming album Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven is still unknown as to when it will be dropped but his Twitter account leads to much discussion about his emotional journey creating his music and the importance of taking the time to do so. For more information, check out his social media channels for updates.

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  • July13th

    Selena Gomez recently surprised her fan following when she announced on Instagram that she is the newest Celebrity Brand Ambassador for Pantene.

    maxresdefaultBesides producing music for her upcoming album, the 22-year old singer has been busy creating a new Pantene campaign, which is said to be released in August 2015. Judging by the pictures of the upcoming campaign, Selena will be rocking a sleek white gown, beautiful gold jewelry and of course her voluminous, dark locks.

    This major ad campaign was perfect for Gomez, as she states in a behind the scenes shoot, “I’ve used it [Pantene] my whole life, and their message for women — being ‘strong is beautiful’ — and what they represent is so what I embody and what I want my fans to feel comfortable in”. Fans are pleasantly surprised, knowing that this is Selena’s first beauty campaign. We are excited to see what Gomez and Pantene have in store for the future!

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  • July13th

    Amy Schumer has cleared way in the world of comedy for her unapologetic and bluntly amusing sense of humor.

    First appearing in the television series, A Different Spin with Mark Hoppus, (2010) as a co-host, Shumer would accompany Mark Hoppus and correspondent Kate Riley as viewers indulged in musical performances by popular and upcoming bands.

    Now creator, star, writer and executive producer of her Emmy-nominated Comedy Central television series, Inside Amy Schumer, the sassy blonde’s career has been lifted to the next level. Her one-hour stand-up special, Mostly Sex Stuff, hones her provocative and racy reputation, althemeanwhile leaving the crowd sarcastically satisfied and informed more than they probably would prefer. Schumer’s most favorable material consists of topics most women- and men, would avoid in everyday and personal situations, which in Amy’s eyes, makes for a great basis of jokes and stories.

    Upcoming work of hers will be available in theaters July 17, 2015 when her movie, Trainwreck, premieres. It is directed by Judd Apatow and written by Schumer herself. The movie is said to tell a story of an unexpected relationship involving commitment issues and a never sought-after ‘good guy’ romance.

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  • July1st

    Laverne Cox’s coveted third season on “Orange Is the New Black” isn’t the only thing that’s got her buzzing these days. Since Caitlyn Jenner’s stepping out into transgender focus, many onlookers have turned to Laverne for insight and continued inspiration.

    Caitlyn Jenner’s transition into the transgender community has everybody talking, and at one point in time Laverne Cox had that same heated light on her. In this growing topic of conversation, she is a respected opinion leader, and Jenner herself has reached out to express her gratitude for all of the support during the process. On her recent appearance on the TODAY Show, she explains that for her, “it is all about loving and supporting my trans siblings.”

    Her inspiration is carried all the way to the cover June edition of Entertainment Weekly, in which the magazine calls her an icon. Though she doesn’t believe she deserves that title, she’s most certainly earned it. Cox has been well known for a long time, being named 2014 Woman of the Year in Glamour magazine, she has continued to use her role as Sophia on “OITNB” to get her message out there. She has used her position in that same frenzied and growing limelight for the good, and is widely applauded for it today.

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  • July1st

    A pink crochet dress that falls just above the knee, paired simply with a light wash jean jacket and a long gold and turquoise chunky necklace. Add the perfect nude clutch and brown peep-toe heels and you’ve pretty much got Lauren Patao’s favorite summer look on point.

    Lauren Ashley Patao is the founder and CEO of her sophisticated and chic blog all devoted to style. She calls it “The Fashionista’s Diary,” and that’s exactly what it is. Home of all of her favorite mixed and matched looks, Lauren has become quite the blogger success story. From home décor, to beauty tips, all the way to summer must have selections, she writes of moderately affordable and trendy finds. Her 33,027 Instagram followers look to her for inspiration, also depending on her to find sales at some store favorites like Nordstrom or Tory Burch.

    Her fashion, some would say, is snappy casual. She teaches her followers how to look comfy and cute, and how to put together a perfect and complete outfit. She writes of her ensembles and even models the clothing herself. Below each of her posts are the accessories she used and where to find them, along with clickable links to the item itself. She brings classic style combinations to the eager everyday trendsetter.

    From “Elephants and Tassels” to finding the “Perfect Nude Dress,” Lauren’s mission is to spread her love and knowledge of fashion to all those out there willing to step out of dull and into the exciting. Check her out!

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