With some of Glee’s New Direction’s major players Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith), Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) and more heading off to bigger and better places, Ryan Murphy has filled the choir room with new potential stars. Although a majority of the choir members will be returning to McKinkley, a few new stars will be singing their hearts out on the show this fall. Here are some of the new McKinley students who will be attending school this fall:

“Replacing” Miss Berry in the choir room will be Marley Rose, played by Melissa Benoist.  Melissa has made guest appearances on numerous television shows including “Law and Order: SVU,” “Homeland,” “Blue Bloods” and “The Good Wife”.  She also portrayed Laurel in the 2008 film Tennessee.   Official Twitter

Jacob Artist will be playing New Direction’s hottest “bad boy” Jake Puckerman, the younger half of brother of Puck (Mark Salling). Jacob grew up dancing so viewers should look forward to seeing him as great addition to the Mike Chang and Brittany S. Pierce dance numbers. A pretty new actor to television, Artist had a stint on the show “Melissa & Joey” and also appeared in the Lifetime movie “Blue Lagoon”.  You will also be able to see him in the film The Philosophers which is currently awaiting a release date.   Official Twitter

McKinley’s newest Cheerio and the replacement of Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) will be Kitty, played by Becca Tobin.  Tobin is a complete newcomer to series television, yet has already been named “Fall’s Hottest New TV Star” by  While this will mark Becca’s first television appearance, she is a seasoned Broadway veteran starring in shows like Rock Of Ages and West Side Story. Official Twitter

With her and Finn apart, Rachel will be getting some new male attention from NYADA student Brody Weston ( played by Dean Geyer).  Brody sweeps in as a mentor to Rachel, showing her the ropes and maybe even becoming more than just a helping hand.  A television series veteran, Geyer played Ty Harper on the Australian television show “Neighbours” and appeared on the one and only season of Fox’s “Terra Nova”.  Dean first showed off his singing abilities on “Australian Idol” back in 2006 where he came in third.  He also played Mike Stokes in the 2011 film Never Back Down 2: The BeatdownOfficial Twitter

And of course the newest edition to Glee that has everyone waiting by their televisions to see is Kate Hudson!  Hudson will be playing Cassandra July, Rachel’s tough dance instructor at NYADA.  Her character is a proclaimed “ hard-ass” battling her own demons…so don’t expect Rachel Berry to be getting any gold stars from her.  Hudson first showed off her dancing and singing abilities in the movie musical Nine.  She will be sexing up America’s televisions for a six-episode arc this fall.

These fresh New Direction members and America’s returning favorites will returns to FOX on a new night and time, Thursday, September 13th at 9pm!