Harry Potter wasn’t the last of J.K. Rowling as another one of her novels has been adapted for the screen. Though this time it’s the TV screen. The Casual Vacancy is a British miniseries based on the novel of the same name by J.K. Rowling. This is Rowling’s first book after finishing the Harry Potter series. It centers around a small British village that’s rocked after a death of a council member starts to reveal the deep and dark secrets of the people of this picturesque town. Sarah Phillips, who is a writer for the popular British show EastEnders,¬†was in charge of writing the script for TV adaption, and In The Flesh’s, another popular British series, Jonny Campbell directed all of the episodes.

It is a three part series that will be premiered on BBC and HBO. Rowling, through her own production company, worked along side the BBC as an executive producer for the series. While HBO has announced the first two parts will be shown back to back on April 29th and the third part on April 30th, British viewers got to watch the series on BBC when it premiered on February 15th.

The Casual Vacancy Trailer