Walmart is the largest medium in the United States for people to go and buy CD’s and they on reducing their store space for CD’s by 40%! The goal is to increase sales by only having top hit CD’s with eye catching displays. Unfortunately for up and coming artist this means less exposure for them and thats if Walmart decides to even hold their albums.

The cutbacks are scheduled to happen sometime in May or June and are planning to reduce from 3,500 titles to an estimated 2,100! As for Walmart’s market shares, Billboard estimates recorded music at 9 percent to 10 percent. That would make them the second biggest music holder by money volume in the country. The first is of course, iTunes at 42 percent.

Ever since Apple released the iPod and launched iTunes, there has been constant scrutiny over when CDs will become extinct? Is the decline in Walmart CD stock one more step closer to answering that question?