Uniqlo, originally a Japanese company, is becoming more and more prevalent in the United States. Uniqlo now has 17 stores in the U.S. and has planned to open five new stores for the upcoming spring and fall! As a company they set the standard of how to produce great quality clothing at a more than reasonable price, ultimately enabling almost anybody to enjoy their trendy apparel.

On March 3, 2014, Uniqlo announced that Pharrell Williams, musician and music producer, will be collaborate with the company on a new T-shirt collection. Not a shock that they would choose Mr. Williams after the year he’s had. The artists year included an Academy Award nomination for his song “Happy” and the release his new album titled “G I R L” which also came out on March 3rd.

The line will be called “i am OTHER” and the products will include both men and women’s T-shirts and hats. The line is set to launch in mid-April and will be available in 14 different countries.


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