The “Digital Age,” also known as the “Information Age” is upon us. The social media phenomenon has emerged with this era, and has completely transformed the ways people communicate and the ways companies do business. It has promoted interactivity, feedback and innovative marketing methods. Corporations can improve e-commerce, or buying and selling through the Internet, with the implementation of five key strategies.

First of all, businesses need to fully understand why people use social media. The general answer is simple: for entertainment. So, firms need to take this into account when planning their marketing strategies, and make sure to use tactics with an entertainment base to build brand awareness.

Secondly, building relationships with influencers is key. Influencers are the social media users who express their thoughts openly on blogs, through comments, etc. Twitter is a key outlet for building company-to-influencer relationships. If a company builds profiles, converses with influencers and asks them to generate conversations about certain products, attention will likely be granted.

Thirdly is the strategy of being shareable; in other words, this means being memorable. Brand awareness through social media sites is imperative these days, and products need to be promoted in ways that will stick in consumers’ minds. They need to be presented as elite compared to others. Social media advertising and marketing tactics need to appeal to consumers’ emotions, make them laugh, present novel information and make the product or service seem as attractive as ever.

Fourth, is for the company to find out where its community is. Where are people discussing their product online? Is it on Facebook, Twitter, a forum, a blog, or some other site? Although it is critical for a company to have a large following on the massively popular mediums like Facebook, more specialized targeting is also key. Corporations need to find their community, target their potential consumers, and promote forms of two-way communication with them in order to succeed.

Lastly, companies need to realize that social media should not be their primary or only outlet for communication with consumers. Social media is important because it can result in word-of-mouth advertising, which has the capability of making a brand go viral. However, other methods of generating media impressions need to be continued, as well, to ensure successful outreach. More information about these five unique strategies can be found in the article called “5 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Websites in the Year Ahead” by Pratik Dholakiy, from Search Engine Journal.