134The energy was electric at the American Airlines Arena last night as the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurts played game 3 of the NBA Finals in what was a blow out for the Spurs, IN MIAMI!

San Antonio came out with lots of energy and came with a message to prove. Led by Kawhi Leonard who had a game high 29 points, the Spurs jumped out to a lead as large as 25 points at halftime. This was the break out game Spurs fans were waiting for as Leonard had combined for just 18 points in both games 1 and 2. With the addition of Danny Green being his usual lights out against Miami, this spelled disaster for all members of HEATNation.

Not to take anything away from a well played, and coached game from San Antonio; Miami also played a pretty bad game, which did not help their case. Although the superstar tandem of Dwayne Wade and LeBron James gave usual performances, there was no team aspect to their game as you could see they were very lackluster and lethargic on defense, and just looking around waiting for James to make a move, or Wade to take a slash. You cannot expect to beat the best team in the NBA with just 2 players performing. After all, Basketball is a team game and you can expect Game 4 to be quite exciting.

Heat fans can expect their team to come with something to prove on Thursday, as they look to even the series at 2 games apiece and take this Finals match up back to San Antonio. The key for their victory lies in the hands of their defense, and third member of “the Big Three” being Chris Bosh. Bosh had just 9 points in game 3, in which he was “disgusted” and felt that “it was just a bad overall game, and they did nothing right.” I could not have said it better myself. If Miami can play as a team unit that has made them the reigning Eastern Conference Champions for the past 4 years, then they can turn this series around and capture their “three peat.” Tune in Thursday June 12 at 9pm on ABC to see what happens.