On December 3rd, NBC “Eased on Down the Road” to Oz with their live production The Wiz. It was a star-studded cast featuring talent from Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, Ne-Yo, Elijah Kelly, Common, Stephanie Mills. Amber Riley, and many more.

The musical event also introduced the world to miss Shanice Williams who played the role of Dorothy Gale. From the mesmerizing tornado sequence to the entire journey throughout the Land of Oz, this musical reminds us that home is truly where the heart is. The NBC premiere got fantastic reviews from several entertainment outlets and took social media by storm. The broadcast ranked in a total of 11.5 million viewers, beating last year’s musical broadcast of Peter Pan by 2.4 million viewers.

Due to the high success of The Wiz Live, NBC has planned a rebroadcast of the event December 19th at 8pm.  The Wiz Live will be available on DVD and digital December 22nd.

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