The awesomely bizarre Jenna N. Mourey aka Jenna Marbles is a blogger and YouTube personality. Her video’s have very personal feel, with just her in her room, often with her dogs Mr. Marbles and Kermit. She films short webcam videos ranting on a variety of topics and posts them to youtube once a-week. Sometimes her fun topics are sprinkled with a serious message which has made her somewhat of a role model. Now if she can just work on her sailor mouth.

 Never in a million years did Jenna think she would be on camera. She actually received a masters degree in sport physiology and counseling. But she ended up going in a different direction, and boy are we glad! Her life path was quickly derailed by her YouTube channel receiving an incredible amount of views.  Since posting her first video a few years ago, Jenna Marbles has become the number one female on YouTube. Her channel currently holds 10 million subscribers, making it the 6th most subscribed channel on YouTube. She also has over one billion total videos viewed. That’s billion, with a “B.”

Jenna Marbles continues to post every Wednesday or Thursday and shows her audience that it’s okay to be weird and quirky. She has recently released a brand of dog toys called Kermie Worm & Mr.Marbles which are named after her two dogs at her home in Santa Monica, CA.

The hilarious and relate-able Jenna is not sure whats next for her but stay tuned as this feminist continues to discuss issues we typically just ignore.

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