Do you watch shows, movies or reality TV and wish you could dress as nice as the celebrities you see? Well, now you can, thanks to Possessionista! This blog has made it possible for viewers to mimic the styles of Hollywoods finest. Not only that, but the blog also breaks down the search for you by show, character and celebrity! Possessionista is the style guide of the century!possessionista

There are seven tabs on the homepage of Possessionista that take you directly to where you want to go. The tabs are broken down into these categories: Search Fashion By, TV Fashion, Celebrity Style, Character Style, Movie Style, Style Guide and Home Decor. Each category provides several versatile styles. For example, while searching under the “TV Fashion” tab, you are able to pick from shows like One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. Say you wanted to search deeper into a show by mimicking the style of a particular character, you would then search the tab, “Character Style.” Under this category you will find personal styles with characters like Serena Van Der Woodsen, Hanna Marin, or even Spencer Hastings!

The wonderful thing about Possessionista is they do not discriminate genders. Men and women are able to find what they are looking for in terms of Hollywoods latest fashion trends. Not only that, but couples are encouraged to access this blog together! If a newly-wed is looking for some ideas on how to decorate their new pad, look no further! Possessionista’s “Home Decor” tab allows you to imitate the decor in certain scenes of TV shows. For example, American Horror Story has plush decor from every inch of their sets. Possessionista has given websites for you to find the chandeliers and chairs shown on AHS.

Lately, Possessionista has shown keen interest in Andy Dorfman’s (Bachelorette) style sense. Close to every outfit Andy has worn has been on the homepage of this blog! From Andy’s necklaces, to her purses, and even her dresses, you will find it on Possessionista!

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