90981311BB016_PITTSBURGH_PEIn the National Hockey League 2014 season, The New York Rangers have had great success. With a record of forty-five wins and thirty-one loses in the regular season, the New York Rangers were able to qualify for a top three team position for the post season playoffs. Each playoff series consists of a seven games. The best out of seven, or, team with the greatest wins, will advance to the next round. The NYR first faced the Philadelphia Flyers in which they won four out of the seven games. They then improved to the next round in which they challenged the Pittsburg Penguins. Once again, the Rangers won and moved on to the next level. The third round, the NYR played the Montreal Canadians, and were able to continue their winning streak. The NYR advanced to the Stanley Cup where they have come face to face with the Los Angeles Kings.

The Rangers success clearly comes from all players, but their goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist, has had the greatest impact for the team in the 2013/2014 NFL playoff season. Henrik Lundqvist, a 32-year old from Sweden, is considered to be one of the best goalies the New York Rangers has ever had. Lundqvist has had an impressive season with a saving percentage of .920, which is 92%. Therefore, the average amount of goals he lets in per game is only about 2.26. A main reason the NYR were able to defeat the Canadians was due to Lundqvist’s remarkable performance. During the fourth playoff game against Montreal, Lundqvist was able to stop 40 shots allowing the Rangers to gain another victory which helped lead them to the Stanley Cup.

The New York Rangers have not made it to the Stanley Cup since the 1993-1994 season. Therefore, many look to goalie Henrik Lundqvist to help lead them to greatness. Although the NYR are at a disadvantage to the Los Angeles Kings with a 0-3 record in the series, they will continue to battle for the cup. With one more chance for the Rangers to redeem themselves, coaches, players, and every Ranger fan wait anxiously to see Lundqvist’s defensive performance. The odds may be against the Rangers making a come back, but with Henrik Lundqvist, they always have a chance.

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