January22nd After receiving chart success in the UK and US from the release of just a few singles, the Swedish trio NoNoNo continues to relentlessly work on releasing a debut album. They are almost finished and currently trying to figure out the right title.

Production duo Tobias Jimson and Michel Rocwell met Stina Wäppling (lead vocalist) through a mutual friend. After one session working together they realized they loved the same kind of music and wanted to put their energy into one project.

Wäppling spent three years studying to be a psychologist during the development of the band. She would meet Jimson and Rocwell sporadically, whenever she had a break from school. The band got together spring 2012 and though the songs came naturally it took close to two years to finalize and complete a song. The time certainly paid off for they have recently been nominated for Artist to Watch 2014 by Slacker.

They constantly encourage each others creativity in the studio and now produce close to perfect electro-pop music. Be on the look-out for new material from this talented electro-dance group.

Check out their video “Pumpin’ Blood” which they say was influenced from the band’s frustrations with the music industry. This song was recently played during a commercial break on the Golden Globes.

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