Whether we hear his real name, Marshall Bruce Mathers III; or his alter ego, Slim Shady; or his stage name, Eminem; we recognize those names as this generations most soulful rap artist. Eminem has proved his excellence in the music and film industry for over 15 years. He has stood out for so long because of his constancy and detection to his career. Eminem’s fans have been just as detected in followed him along his journey, as well.

In 1999, Eminem received his first Grammy Award for his second album, “The Slim Shady LP.” The album won a Grammy Award for “Best Rap Album.” Think that is impressive? Well, get this: his next two albums, which were released in 2000 and 2002, both won Grammy Awards for “Best Rap Album!” Eminem became the first rap artist to win three Grammy Awards in a row. As if that isn’t incredible enough, Eminem came out with the film 8 Mile later that year in 2002. His acting skills were just as spectacular as his expertise in music. Eminem took home over 10 nominations for his role in 8 Mile, and received an award for “Best Male Performance” from MTV Movie Awards.


As the next two years passed, Eminem had released two more albums, gone on a world tour, and won several additional awards. With the rush of his career and the complications he was having at home, Eminem spent 2005-2008 recessing his life. We hadn’t heard much from him for those three years but he definitely came back full-force.

In 2009, Eminem released his come-back album, “Relapse,” which pulled in millions of fans due to the length of his previous hiatus. The next year he came out with another album, “Recovery.” This album was really what brought Eminem back into the game. “Recovery” was awarded the Best Selling Album of 2010 Worldwide! Eminem collaborated with several artists on this album, one of them being the lovely, Rihanna. The two came out with the song “Love The Way You Lie.” The song was presented over 10 awards, placing Eminem at the top of his career.

Eminem spent 2011 and 2012 working mostly on films and singles, rather than albums. He was seen in the movies Real Steel and 21 Jump Street. Concerning singles, Eminem made sure he was collaborating with only the best of the best. Drake and Eminem released the single, “No Return,” in 2012, while he was also releasing music with artists like T.I., Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre.

Now, in the year 2014, Eminem continues to come out with singles that end up being playing constantly on radio stations worldwide.


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