On March 10, 2015 Madonna released her 13th studio album titled Rebel Heart. She was forced to release the tracks early when hackers got hold of demo versions of the new songs. The album features special guests like Nicki Minaj, Chance The Rapper, and even Mike Tyson. On March 1st, 2015 her worldwide Rebel Heart Tour was announced on her official website. The tour is sponsored by Live Nation and currently has 35 cities. The shows will begin on August 29, 2015 in Miami, Florida. The tour will travel through North America and Europe. Madonna is expected to release more dates in Australia and Asia by the end of the month. Live nation even announced that ever purchase of an ticket in the North American leg of the tour will result in a direct download of the deluxe version of Madonna’s new album. What a way to get you pumped for the show!

Madonna recently told Rolling Stones that she likes to be involved in all of the aspects of her music and tour. Everything from the stage floor to the hairstyles chosen. At recent award shows, including the Grammy Awards, Madonna has been given fans a preview to the exciting show she plans to put on. Performing “Living for Love,” Madonna has brought in a choir for the matador themed perform.

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