Janet Jackson is back after a long and well-deserved vacation! After 7 long years off Janet will be returning this fall with the release of a new album off her newly launched Rhythm Nation record label that has partnered with Bertelsmann group (BMG) for distribution. The album is currently untitled and none of the features have been announced.

With the formation of Rhythm Nation record label Janet becomes the first African American female recording artist to form a record label. It’s been a recent trend in the music industry for artist’s to leave behind the traditional record label system and form deals that put more control in the hands of the artist, but Jackson is by far the biggest global superstar to do this. These artist service deals are made so that the artist retains ownership of their recordings.

Jackson has been around for sometime and with the formation of this new record label it seems is though she wants to continue to stick around for some time. Janet also announced that she will be doing a world tour to support the album but has yet to release any dates.

Jackson released the news of the new album via twitter. Follow the sites below to get further updates on Janet’s comeback!

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