26 year-old Sevyn Streeter began her career as a member of the R&B-Pop group TG4. The group released the single “Virginity,” and not long afterwards the song hit number 88 on Bilboards Top 100. This was exciting for the group, but unfortunately they split immediately after the success of their single. Lucky for Sevyn Streeter, her talent was noticed and landed her a spot in yet another all-girl band called RichGirl. Much like the first group, this one dwindled just as quickly. 

Sevyn Streeters strong point has always been writing music. As time passed, she felt as though writing was the best option for her… and it was. She wrote songs like “Yeah 3X,” for Chris Brown, and “Shower,” for BrandSevyn Streeter Atlantic Records 2y. With over 10 successful singles written for famous artists, Sevyn Streeter landed recognition from Atlantic Records. The label immediately began working on singles for her to work on. Her first couple singles, “I like it” and “It won’t stop” hit iTunes and received attention all over the globe. With that, Sevyn Streeter released her EP debut album, “Call Me Crazy But..” In this album she collaborated with well-known artists like Diplo and Chris Brown. 

With the platform that Sevyn Streeter now has, she is able to release a full-length album. Rumored to released sometime in 2014, the album will be titled “Fight For Me.” She mentions that this album is entirely inspired by her past relationship. She feels that personal experiences help artists feel a connection with songs and that is what this album entails entirely. Streeter says, “Music is emotional. Your job is to make people feel something. The best way to do that is to sing and speak from something they’ve personally been through. That’s where I write from.” Ultimately, this is what will draw people into her music. Allowing listeners to connect to the lyrics is what draws them in, much like the approach singer/songwriter, Taylor Swift, has taken.

Her work ethic, writing skills and soothing voice has brought her to where she is today. Sevyn Streeter is on her way to success and isn’t stoping any time soon!

Look out for Sevyn Streeter’s new album!


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