Emp_Of-16609This bilingual Brooklyn bred vocalist, Lorely Rodriquez better known as “Empress Of” is about to make this summer a whole lot hotter, as she jumps on board with the new wave of female electronic pop artists. Rodriquez originally introduced her music to the public through a series of 15 YouTube clips that would display about a minute of her electronic pop talent. She went on to name this bedroom originated project Colorminutes and only displayed her name and phone number for listeners. This hidden project eventually took off and was released in small colored cassette tapes by a label called Big Love.

Since then 23 year old has taken off and went on her first tour alongside soul singer Jamie Lidell, as well as making numerous musical appearances all over. She has three tracks out now – Champagne, Don’t Tell Me, and Hat Trick. Her music and vocals have been compared to artists as sweet and innocent as Lana Del Ray and as bold and daring as Bjork. Empress Of being the perfect combination of the two spectrums writes and records her own music in both English and her native language of Spanish. Check out her sound cloud to hear her latest EP’s!


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